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Trek Travel Bike Tours

From the moment we arrived, we were treated like movie stars - and you just can't buy that anywhere else! - Carol

Most cycling tours also offer snacks and drinks all the time. But beer, sunscreens, water bottles filled up without asking, water bottles moved under shades, luggage carried to our rooms? It was five stars service all the way. - Liza

One of the things I really liked was that I didn't have to transport my own bike to CA, and that the Domane provided was a very good, high-end road bike. I also loved the chance to ride the Di2 (I was sold on it in the first three miles) and it was a let-down to return home to a mechanical-shifting bike! - Marc

This was our first Trek Travel trip. We knew we would enjoy it since we love to ride bikes. We never expected to walk away feeling that we just experienced the best vacation we have ever had. This from two people who have traveled every Continent but Australia and have had very memorable experiences. On the flight home we were already planning our trip for next year. We are hooked! - Elyana

Everything planned exceptionally - but adjustable as necessary - Dave

One of the wonderful features about Trek is that high-quality, well-equipped bikes fit to the rider's specifications are provided, saving the traveler time, expense and worry. - Suzanne

This was yet another outstanding Trek Travel adventure. From the equipment to the routes and the overall expertise of the guides, it is hard to imagine that any tour group could do it better. This was our third trip with Trek Travel and we look forward to many, many more. - Melissa

Trek is the best travel group especially for the Tour de France where access and logistics are so critical to a wonderful experience - Arch

This trip was better than anticipated -- and I had high expectations based on previous participants' reviews! I am now convinced that this is THE way to see a new country and experience its culture; by the sights, sounds, and smells only obtainable by cycling through its countryside. The support of the Trek Travel guides made it exceptionally easy and enjoyable. A perfect way to spend our 15-year wedding anniversary! - Kathy

We are not “tour” people, and usually enjoy making our own way with a map and a good guide book. This trip was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had – great exercise, great food, great accommodations, great company and we were completely pampered. - Lisa

I have been going to Europe for 35 years. I've acquired a "I've seen it all" mentality, a shame really, but I've been to Italy 30 times and thought I had "been there done that." I never expected the amazing trip and new experiences I had with Trek Travel to Puglia. It was truly one of my greatest experiences in Italy - Cameron

My wife and I have been on 3 Trek Travel trips to Europe. We highly recommend the trips. The guides worked very hard and provided the best advice, assistance and friendship throughout the trips. Bikes were top quality. Rider level was above average but not competitive. Accommodations and food were very good. Can't wait to go again. Provence was extra special. - Smitty, Long beach, CA

I would like to say the trip we had this fall with Trek was outstanding, the accomodation,food, attention to detail, and most importantly the daily routes they had designed for us were all incredible. The guides made the extra effort to ensure we all had a great time, and also ensured that everyone was looked after as far as personal requests, special energy drinks,foods,cultural side trips, and route changes to suite exploring and shopping needs. I have had several trips cycling in different regions of Europe, private trips, self guided, and group trips, I have always had the best experience with Trek. We have already booked our next trip with them for this summer. We are looking forward to another "trip of a liftime" with the great folks at Trek. - S Ross, Canmore AB

This is the A+ way to go! Trek travel is quality with real human excellence. The don't aim to please, they simply do. The bikes are excellent, but that wouldn't matter if they weren't so truly superior in choosing and retaining the best guides in the world! This is a bike tour with a never ending grin! Thanks Trek Travel! - Sally and Dan M, Rescue, California

Tour de France viewing at its best. The food in France not very good, as always. Somehow the Pizzas were great. Great scenery The Guides are A+ . J. Tamayo Mayagüez, PR

What you would expect....great rides and route finding, perfect bikes, fantastic accomodation and knowledgeable and personable guides who we now call our friends. Plus TREK TRAVEL organized local and unique cultural experiences for our group which were unexpected and fantastic (eg. local vineyards, a catalonian historian, etc, etc.) - Mike Thackray, Canmore Alberta

I took the Trek Travel economy tour of Bryce and Zion national parks in fall 2005.  The bikes were exceptional (as you would expect of Trek); the guides friendly and hard-working; and the other riders fairly strong and very social, ranging from 25 to 55, average age about 40.  The accommodations were excellent, some top notch restaurants included with tour; and the routes we rode were challenging with amazing scenery. Jeff, Waterford, CT

Excellent support, fun guides, and unbelievable viewing locations for the Tour de France. Barry S., Woodbridge, VA

Did the Tour de France Team Access trip, Trek's premiere offering. Much was promised and the price was among the highest in the industry. Accommodations, food, Radio Shack team access were great. Unfortunately, the trip was understaffed; 3 guides, 1 van for 24 people. There was little 'on the road' support. Two guides were rookies to the trip and the company. Tour viewing was far less than promised. .J. Long, Highland Beach, FL

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