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Grimes Getaways: 

Nikki develops a tour through Montana that is amazing. Each night we were given a brief summary of next days ride. The price is great!. - J Tanaka, Fremont CA

I completed a in and around Glacier National Park in August. It was the most genuine, thoroughly prepared and supported tour for real people who want to maintain their own pace, need support from time-to-time, and enjoy building commeraderie. Daily maps (including elevations) and written directions were precise to the tenth of a mile(including lunch breaks and campground destinations). The sights in and around Glacier were amazing and intentionally selected. Circling support throughout the day to hand out energy bars, gatorade/water, or pick up a jacket a rider may not need any longer. The food was always spot on, and plenty to go around. It shows that Dan and Nikki love what they do, and happen to make a living at it. - Selima A, Oak Park, IL

This was my first organized cycling trip. Niki and Dan Grimes did a great job organizing the food, routes and sag support overall. Any time we needed anything, they were there for us(constantly driving by checking on us).Looking forward to more adventures down the road with Grimes Getaways. - Gary Chang, Livermore, CA

My family (me, significant other, son aged 21 and daughter aged 17) took Grimes Getaways Glacier Park bike trip. It was , in a word, wonderful. We enjoyed the challenge of it (50-70 miles per day in the mountains), the camping and the camraderie of the participants. The scenery was amazing and to be outdoors fror six straight days and nights was so much better than hotels. Nikki and Dan Grimes kept us all well-organized, supported and fed. And compared to other bike trips offered by other companies, this was a bargain for the level of the experience offered. I can't wait to do another trip! - Scott H., Oak Park, IL

I like supported tours with fewer than fifteen people. Grimes Getaways does that and the husband and wife team of Nikki and Dan do a great job with this size tour. Nikki leads rides (often from the back) and Dan does SAG, bike repair and cooking. The routes are chosen with 'minimum vehicle traffic' and there are challenges for all levels. - Paul Germain, Emeryville, CA

Dan and Nikki are a great team and offer enjoyable and well coordinated tours at fair prices Nikki plans the routes and leads the rides. Dan provides super SAG support and prepares hearty, delicious and more than ample meals. Dan's SAG support is as good as it gets. It seems that when ever you need a bite to eat or a water bottle refill Dan appears. I recommend Grimes Getaways without reservation. - H. Gordon, Genoa, Nevada

Friendly leaders. Excellent SAG. Good food for meat eaters but heartier options for vegetarians would be a good improvement. - Lynne Howe, San Francisco, CA

A great time. I'd do it again. - Tony Flusche, Castro Valley, CA

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