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Far and Away Cycling  

I’ve been on two tours with Far and Away Cycling (Croatia & Corsica), and I’ve already signed up for my next one (Albania). The scenery is always gorgeous, and the groups are never too big. The rooms are comfortable, and the riders are not coddled. Bob goes out of his way to find interesting, challenging and less traveled routes. Each day is point-to-point, so you never find yourself riding a bus to the ride start. Bob’s been to each location so many times, he can give alternative routes. The riding is “at-your-pace” so you can stop to admire the view or to get a coffee at the local village. Far and Away is a fantastic group, and I highly recommend their tours for anyone looking for simple and challenging tours.- Jane B., Austin, TX

I’ve been on four Far and Away trips (Corsica, Slovenia-Croatia, Vietnam-Laos, and Spain) and my next one is Albania - I can’t wait -they are always an adventure! I’ve been on other cycle trips with other companies but Far and Away is a boutique company, offering small group one-off trips. The owner, Bob Thompson, has developed unique itineraries with his wife Chantal through their own travels and adventures. And Bob has a great leadership style, is low-key, approachable, and funny. The best part about Far and Away trips is that there is flexibility, with your map and cue sheet, you can take off, either with the group or on your own, but with designated rally points and the knowledge that there is always a van in case of emergency. And lets not forget the best part of the trips is the socializing and relaxing! Dinners are generally eaten together with one or two nights on your own for exploring.- Robin, Mclean, VA

Far and Away cycling is the best. Their tours are small, provide fun and challenging rides in some of the most beautiful areas around the world. They specialize in connecting to the local culture. Accommodations are in very good hotels, 3 star and above when available and the food is exquisite. My wife and I have wanted to ride in the French Alps and climb on some of famous cols from the Tour de France. We hade the time of our lives on Far and Away's French Alps Tour and made some great friendships with fellow riders. Bob and Chantal do a phenomenal job. I hope you get the opportunity to experience one of their tours, you will be hooked! - Craig Smith, Portland, OR

A small company with big adventure! I've done 2 of their tours and have been very satisfied both times. The routes are great and accommodations have been nice. I hope to do more tours with them in the future.- C. Straight, Leesburg, VA

Just got back from Croatia/ Slovenia. What a great tour. Bob had everything lined up. Great food, interesting towns and fun riding. Laos is next for me. - Grand Junction, CO

We saw Croatia and Slovenia in a whole new way! The destinations were superb, all of the accommodations were fine or better. Mostly the food was good. This trip is for cyclists who are used to some climbing and who do not need a lot of pampering. The people were great, really fun and the trip one of our best! Definitely thinking of Far and Away for my next trip.

Thanks for another great ride Bob. They are never the same. Doesn't matter how many times you do them. The bikers were great and I was able to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while. The weather was great. It's a ride everybody should do, and combined with Slovenia. Way to go. Victoria Australia

I went to Corsica with farandawaycycling. Bob Thompson planned a wonderful trip. The hotels and restaurants were of excellent quality. The cycling was so much fun, the routes chosen were very condusive to riding. - Meghan, Ellicott City, MD

Went to Corsica for 7 days and it was superb. Stayed in very comfortable accommodations, which was necessary after riding 60-70 miles/day. The group of 10 riders was supported by a SAG. - Karen K., Bethesda, MD

...We did an average of 60+ miles/day, scenery was spectacular! Tour was well-run, yet quite laid back. Met together for meals and exploring the towns together in the evening. Reasonably priced

To those that have asked about Laos: Do it! It was a fabulous trip; and the window for this kind of experience in Laos is closing. At the moment, the roads are quite good, and except for the last day into Vientiane, the traffic is not bad. Moving through villages at cycling pace was perfect -- leisurely enough that you could experience the ambience of the town (a thousand fascinating vignettes in every village) and not so slow as to be intrusive. The people are warm and friendly, and not calloused against foreigners. We were still a novelty for the people who saw us; kids came running from three fields away to say Sabaidee! This is by no means a luxury tour (it's better! It's real!). Some of the guest-houses were quite rustic - one could do an interesting comparison of plumbing fixtures through the different regions - but the idiosyncrasies of each place was part of the charm. And one discovers that a hot bucket shower after a tough ride in the rain is one of life's great experiences! One of the most interesting places we stayed didn't even have a guesthouse -- we were billeted out with families in the hometown of Bob's local guide, and made to feel really at home. None of us got sick from the food or the places we stayed. Somebody brought a cold, but most of us avoided it. The ride covers a fair territory, and is mostly mountainous - some of the scenery was spectacular. In the end, I actually much preferred that terrain to the flat ride on the final day.The trip includes great side attractions - we had a great time kayaking and spelunking one day. This was my first cycling trip, but it won't be my last. Bob's the best. His style is low-key; he lets people travel and explore at their own pace, while making sure that all of the basics are covered. You feel fully looked after, and never at a loss of things to do, without ever feeling smothered or over-organized. Have fun! - Gwyn Kutz

Just returned from Corsica on my first ever cycling tour and I'd have to say that Far & Away made it one of the most memorable trips I've taken so far.  The rides take you through some of the most incredible scenery I've ever seen and to hilltop villages and coastal towns I probably wouldn't have thought to visit on my own.   As a novice cyclist, I was initially a little concerned about going on a trip like this given my lack of experience, but I was able to ride at my own pace, and knowing that the support vehicle was there if I needed it really gave me the peace of mind to fully enjoy my time there.  The cycling was fantastic although challenging at times, but there was always time afterward to explore the town and meet up with the group for happy hour before dinner.  ... For the price that you pay, the accommodations were very comfortable, and the food and was delicious ... - Jenny Wang, New York, NY

For me the F&A tour in Corsica achieved the perfect balance between being organized enough to remove the stress, while being flexible enough to retain an air of adventure.It is very good value for the money and of course it doesn't hurt that Corsica is such a beautiful destination. The trip is also sheduled for exactly the right point in the calender since I would think that the island becomes a congested nightmare further into the season. Also expect to do some fairly vigorous cycling if you are not the hammerhead type - Jim Norton, Reston, VA

I did the one week Corsica 'Beauty' trip. Well organized, well guided. Very reasonable price. group size good. accomodations and food both varied and excellent. - Duane Erickson, Sandy Spring, MD

Rode Corsica, the "Beast". It was great tour...and a great value. Everything was well organized and there was plenty of ride support. Bob (our guide) was very knowledgeable about the area and our routes and did a great job of bringing our group together. The hotels were clean and comfortable and the meals gave us a real opportunity to experience plenty of authentic French/Corsican cuisine. The route was a welcome challenge but still very manageable for the average recreational rider because the grades were long but not steep. - Shawn Veltman, Blacksburg, VA

I recently returned from a trip to Corsica with Far and Away Cycling. There were 13 of us including, Bob, the tour leader. Bob runs his own small operation, which feels like a group of friends on a tour with one of them handling the arrangements. Bob is personable, relaxed and unflappable  when it comes to handling problems along the way. He is also organized and accommodating. J. Stoodley, Falls Church, VA

I did "The Beast" tour in Corsica. Corsica is a "Must Visit" for anyone who likes beautiful coastal and mountain vistas. It is a great place to bike. Friendly people and local color. Bob Thompson has put together a fine tour with very nice accomodations and cuisine. The route takes you on bike friendly though physically challenging roads with awesome scenery. Tour cost is very reasonable. - Alexandra Fortner, Denver, Colorado

Far & Away Cycling's trip to Andalusia, Spain, is not to be missed. For cyclists who like breathtaking scenery, challenging but doable climbs and accompanying descents, charming hotels, sunny skies, out of the way villages, a ride leader who creates a conviviable atmosphere, this is the tour for you. - J. Stoodley, Falls Church, VA

This is about Laos and Spain and Far and Away Cycling, which sponsors tours for roughly a dozen bikers. These tours aren't for everyone. If you like a few miles of flat terrain with a bus to take you over the mountains, forget it! Bob Thompson, the tour director, loves mountains, scenery and adventure. Further, although the ladies on the tour are lovely, you will likely have a tough time catching them! I second what Gwyn Kutz said so eloquently about the Laos tour. The weather was typically cool and dry and we met innumerable children on the roadside who shouted 'Sabai dee!' and 'Hello!' and 'Good morning!' Similarly, all of the Laotians we met were warm and welcoming. Additionally, the scenery is simply stunning and the food is great! The highlight of our tour was a home stay in Ban Nalay/Muang Beng. The residents were very welcoming, and we had opportunities to do unusual things: bathe in the river, join in a religious ceremony, eat and drink with the villagers... - Fred Carson, Kensington, MD

I recently completed the Sikkim, India tour with Far and Away Cycling. It was fantastic. I love this company because it provides exactly the type of experience I am looking for. I want to experience the place I am visiting through knowledgeable local guides, exposure to the local culture, minimal 'tourist attractions', and great cycling. Somehow Bob also always assembles a great group of adventuresome, interesting, like minded clients. There is no mystery why all but one participant was a repeat customer! I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a challenging, eye opening experience. - Ann, Mountain View

I have taken three of Bob's trips - Southern Spain, Kerala India, & Sikkim, India. I am not as strong of a rider as some of the others in the group, but it is never a problem. If i am too far behind at the end of the day, I just get in the van. I take time stop and visit sights along the way. Take photos, visit villages, peak into temples. It's wonderful. - Adrienne, Arlington, VA

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